APITHOR - to treat Small Hive Beetle

AUD9.25 each


AUD9.25 (AUD8.41 excl GST) each 


Only product considered to be safe in the hive by DPI.


The APITHOR Hive Beetle Harbourage is a novel invention designed as a single-use, disposable device that can be easily inserted and removed from standard hives without the need to open or dismantle hives. It is actively sought out by the target pest without the need to include attractants or baits. Some of the key attributes of the device are:

  • Two-piece rigid plastic design
  • A delivery system that takes advantages of the beetle's behavioral vulnerabilities
  • Tamperproof after assembly (ultrasonic weld or glue)
  • Precise size openings that allow beetles in but exclude bees
  • Protective of C-flute cardboard insert
  • Cardboard insert set back from openings to prevent contact by bees' mouthparts
  • Black
  • Compatible with silicone adhesives
  • Disposable in household garbage
  • No user access to the insecticide-treated insert
  • Long shelf-life and time-in-service.

The development of the Hive Beetle Harbourage that has proved to be both safe and highly effective in controlling beetles in the hive.