PolyWoven Strapping - 19mm Double Red Line 500 metres

AUD132.00 each

Custom Bee Feed 20KG
Crimping Tool - for crimping 19mm Poly Strap seal locks
Hive Lock Metal (Excludes Strapping)
Hive Lock with Strapping

AUD132.00 (AUD120.00 excl GST) each


Polywoven strapping is the new generation material used to strap all of the components of the beehive (hive bottom, top, brood box, and honey boxes) together as a single unit.  In contrast to the metal strapping it supersedes, poly-woven strapping is soft and easy to handle and with a breaking strain of 1000kg, is much stronger and durable.  Where metal strapping develops metal fatigue and breaks from constantly being folded at the same point, the poly-woven strapping can be used almost indefinitely without breaking.  The specification of the poly-woven strapping is:

Width: 19mm

Length: 500 meters per roll

Strength: 1000kg breaking strain

Colour: White with 2 red lines

Its superior strength also enables the hive components to be strapped together much tighter than with metal strapping without bending the dogbone winder of the hive lock mechanism and it retains its tension on the beehive whereas metal stretches and becomes loose over time.